Most men are somewhat happy with their physiques. Although some of them may be a little soft around the middle, for the most part they try to keep themselves in shape. There may be some things, however, that are totally out of our control. Having a large set of man boobs may be one of those things. At times, these projections are not a product of our having too much fat on our body, they are an outward symptom of a larger, interior problem. If you are having a difficult time removing the large breasts from your manly physique, here are some reasons why that may be happening.

Most men that have breasts tend to try and exercise them off. This will help to reduce the size, somewhat, especially if you are carrying around some additional fat but you will have to dig a little deeper than that to actually overcome them entirely. In fact, the body is an amazingly balanced piece of natural machinery, capable of growing and healing itself through the use of hormones and other chemicals in the body. These chemicals are generated through various glands and if something were to go wrong with one of these glands it could cause an imbalance that would show up in the form of man boobs.

The testicles are also a part of the body that might generate some of these problems. Because they are such a big part of the male reproductive system, any imbalance in this area could severely cut down on the amount of testosterone that is produced in the body. Problems with the testicles could include tumors, damage from blunt force injury and infection. There are also other problems that could lead to problems in this area. If you are experiencing any of these problems your doctor will be able to help you with any supplementation and medication that may be necessary to overcome them.

Another problem may come from the pituitary or thyroid glands. These are responsible in a large way for regulating growth, energy and the balance of testosterone and estrogen in the body. There are several different problems that could cause these glands to get out of balance, including tumors, hypo or hyperthyroidism, sickness, infection and prolonged medication intake. Depending on the type of underlying reasons that your glands are not firing correctly, your doctor may recommend any number of different solutions that could range from anti-estrogen treatment to surgery.

There certainly are a lot of different reasons why you would be experiencing a problem with male breasts, but the real cure would come in finding a solution to the underlying problem. The man boobs are simply a symptom of that problem and will clear up partially or totally once it is addressed. So if you are spending a lot of time at the gym, trying to get rid of your breasts, you might not be doing any good in that area. Find out why they are there and you will be one step closer to having a solid chest again.