– Not only does turmeric block oestrogen at cellular level it also reduces inflammation.

Studies show that turmeric is once again more powerful than pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen, also without any negative side effects.

Inflammation can suppress testosterone production, although turmeric boosts your testosterone production whilst lowering inflammation.

Furthermore, turmeric improves insulin sensitivity which is very important because if you become insulin resistant then that is also associated with reduced testosterone production which is obviously not good.

By improving insulin sensitivity you once again increase the levels of testosterone in your body which will help get rid of your man boobs.

And last but not least, turmeric improves liver function.

A healthy liver will deactivate more than 50% of your body’s estrogen. A diseased liver will more than likely cause gynecomastia which is where your man boobs come from.

If you improve your liver function then you will obviously have a healthy liver and deactivate the estrogen in your body.

These three effects of turmeric will help alleviate your man boob syndrome, however combine with healthy weight loss and your results will be multiplied.