A quick google search will have you convinced that SOY causes everything from infertility to gynecomastia (aka man boobs). But the perpetrators of these headline-grabbing articles provide absolutely NO evidence to back up their claims.

In today’s video, the second of my three-part series on soy and health, I’m breaking down the science on the connection between soy and fertility, men’s health, PCOS, and acne.

I investigate all of the outrageous claims against soy including that it causes infertility, “man boobs,” PCOS, and lowers testosterone…or raises testosterone, depending on who you ask. Yep, both of these contradictory statements are floating around out there!

If you missed the first video in my soy series on soy and cancer, be sure to watch that as well!

As always, references for all of the studies mentioned in this video are linked on my website, Whitney E. RD: http://www.whitneyerd.com/2017/12/soy-fertility-man-boobs-pcos.html

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