There are a lot of men who have problems with weight gain. There are also a lot of reasons why this weight gain may be taking place. Typically, it is a simple matter of a person eating too much or eating the wrong kinds of foods. There is also a serious lack of exercise that is evident in the lives of people who tend to be overweight. Some of the problems that can occur as a result of a person being overweight are as serious as heart attacks and strokes or as stressful as having a huge pair of man boobs. If you are experiencing problems such as these, losing weight is the best way to take care of the problem. But how can you lose the weight in a short period of time?

As with anyone that tells you to lose weight, I’m going to give you some advice that you need to follow first. If you are going to go on any form of diet and exercise then you must seek a doctor’s attention to make sure that your body can handle the strain. This is especially the case with the type of diet and exercise regime that I’m going to outline here. It is very intense but it can also work very quickly to reduce the fat stores from your body, including your breast area.

Diet is the first thing that we are going to talk about. You don’t need to starve yourself or even cut out any particular type of food from your diet in order to lose weight. What you need to do is to make sure that you are living with a calorie deficit every day. You would do this by recording everything that you eat and counting up the calories on a regular basis. You should also spread out a healthy diet through five or six meals every day.

If you really want to burn off calories then you need to exercise. One of the best forms of exercise that can be done is one that is known as Tabata intervals. These were developed by a Japanese doctor and can be done in four minutes a day. They are nine to 10 times more effective than walking for an hour or running every day. Here’s how they are done. You go full out, I mean 100% of your effort, for 20 seconds and then total rest for 10 seconds. You would do this for eight intervals which would make up the total of four minutes. If you’re not giving 100% then it will not work for you.

Tabata intervals are a fantastic way to burn weight off of your body. The four minutes will not burn all that many calories but the result will be that your metabolism will be fired up for the rest of the day. By reducing the number of calories that you are eating slightly below the amount that you are burning off every day and doing Tabata intervals, you will be throwing away your fat pants and saying goodbye to your man boobs in a very short amount of time.