Are you experiencing a problem with man boobs? You would probably be surprised to discover the number of men who are having this particular problem. Some of them are able to hide it well underneath their clothes but at times it might be necessary for you to actually come public with your problem. It causes a social disorder as a result of your not being able to go out without this embarrassment. There are many different side effects that can also be caused as a result of male breast. Most of them are not caused as a result but actually coincide with this particular problem.

The actual problem has a medical name of gynecomastia. This is a condition that really only happens whenever a male is going through puberty. As a result of this condition, the body will produce additional estrogen and less testosterone which will result in the mammary glands activating and growing. It might even be possible for a boy that is going through this particular problem to lactate, which causes additional embarrassment. If you are older than the age of puberty you are probably not experiencing this medical condition but have man boobs for another reason.

Between 20% and 30% of all men that experienced this problem have it as a result of the medication that they are taking. It could be that you have been taking this particular medication for a very long time without it affecting you. If it begins to interact with your glands, such as your pituitary or thyroid, it could increase the amount of estrogen that is present in your body. Although you may not be able to stop taking the medicine that you are on, you may be able to reduce the size of your breast as a result of anti-estrogen treatment. Your doctor will be able to give you advice in this area.

A person’s diet may have a lot to do with the man boobs that they are experiencing as well. I’m not necessarily talking about obesity, which certainly can cause your breast to grow, I’m talking about the type of food you eat. Eating a meat and potatoes diet can cause your body to have levels of hormones that are unnatural as a result of improper farming practices and meat handling. Try cutting some of these hormone filled foods from your diet to see if your breasts decrease in size. It would not hurt for you to lose weight as well, especially if you’re obese, as this will also aid in reducing your breast size.

Although there are not necessarily any deadly side effects that go along with having breast like a woman, it can cause a lot of social anxiety. This, in turn, can cause a person to be depressed and withdrawal from society altogether. If you are suffering from this type of problem, try to find out if there is an underlying condition. By removing the condition, you remove the symptom which shows up as breast on a man.