Man-boobs. The scourge of man.
The technical term for man-boobs is
gynecomastia. Sounds gross, is

So how do you get man-boobs?

The first and most common source on
man-boobs is fatty tissue stored
over the pectoral muscles. If you
have 22 percent body fat or higher,
you’re probably sporting a decent
sized rack.

So the easiest way to keep them
away is to stay in shape.
Unfortunately, you can’t choose
where your body’s going to shed its
fat, so you have to keep your whole
body in shape, not just your chest.

But don’t use steroids.
The body converts the large amounts
of testosterone in anabolic
steroids into estrogen, the hormone
that increases feminine features,
causing man-boobs. This is why
many bodybuilders have B or C cups.

But it’s not just external factors
that can throw your testosterone
out of whack. Certain factors that
lower testosterone–like, in some
cases, video games–can also bring
on the boobs.

Throwing off your
testosterone/estrogen balance is
bad news. Having excess estrogen
can make you gain weight and retain
water, giving you a pear-shaped
body type.

Excess estrogen is a huge risk
factor in obesity.
And it’s even thought to have a hand in causing cancer.

Drinking too much can do it too.
Alcohol limits the body’s ability
to get rid of excess estrogen.

Plus, phytoestrogens, compounds
that mimic true estrogen in the
body, are present in hops. So step
away from the beer.

Lastly, definitely do NOT smoke
weed if you want to avoid manboobs.

The active ingredient in weed can
result in a decrease in
testosterone levels and–beyond manboobs–
can cause a reduction of
testicular size. Yeah.

Speaking of testosterone–if you’re
a man over the age of 35, here’s a
free video that teaches you about
andropause: the male menopause.