Are you embarrassed to hit the gym because you’re out of shape? Perhaps you even are dealing with a problem where your growing man boobs because of your weight. Now is no time for you to be too embarrassed to get out and get some exercise. Even the guys that are extremely buff and in shape did not start out that way. You would be surprised to find out that many of them don’t mind having you there because they enjoy seeing somebody trying to take care of themselves. If you are having a problem with male breast, however, simply going to the gym and pumping some iron may not do the trick. You might need to do a little something more.

First, I need to tell you that it is not always the case that man boobs are able to be reduced in size by exercise and diet. Sometimes there is an underlying condition which is causing a hormonal imbalance in the body. It could range from anything like tumors on the testicles to other problems such as thyroid or pituitary gland issues. It might also be that you have a estrogen imbalance in your body as a result of medication that you are taking. If any of these is the case, no amount of exercise will help you and you must seek medical attention to get rid of the underlying cause before they will go away.

If you’re just experiencing man boobs because you are overweight then here is the best way for you to be up burn them off. Weight training is good and lifting weights is certainly one way to build up your muscle mass which will help you to burn additional calories throughout the day. Don’t neglect doing your legs and core exercises as these are the largest muscles on your body and therefore will burn the most fat. Many people will also tell you that you need to do some cardiovascular exercise as well, such as biking or walking. The only problem with this is that it is extremely boring. Here’s a way to get around that.

Have you ever heard of high-intensity interval training? This is a method of cardiovascular exercise in which you will work at full speed for one period of time, such as 30 seconds, and then rest for two equal periods of time. You will then repeat this over and over again for about 20 or 30 minutes. Not only does it cut your exercise time in half, it burns nine or 10 times more calories throughout the day because it keeps your metabolism running at a high level.

If you are dedicated to keeping up with your program of diet, interval training and weight training you will be seeing results within a week or so. Don’t be discouraged if you should experience any setbacks, just be methodical and keep plugging away and you will see the fat melt off your body in an amazing way.