How many times have you heard the phrase, eat that, it’ll put hair on your chest. Did you know that some things that are considered manly to eat will actually not only put hair on your chest, they may grow you a fetching pair of breasts as well. If the last thing that you want is a nice pair of man boobs, you need to watch what you eat because there are things that will help you grow them.

There is a lot of controversy over this issue as medical science is not really stated the fact that some of these things will cause you to grow man boobs. The fact is, however, that many people in naturalists circles tend to think that certain foods will contribute to a hormone imbalance in the body. Even if it may be blown out of proportion to a certain extent, if you are tending to lean in that direction anyway why would you want to do something that may tip the scale even further?

According to some things that I have read, some of the most offensive things that you can eat which will cause this kind of hormone imbalance in your body are meat, milk, eggs and any other type of food that is either genetically modified or pumped full of hormones in order to induce growth. These hormones stay in the product and it is passed onto your body which can cause a whole host of problems. So if you are trying to stay healthy and decrease the size of your man boobs, staying away from these types of foods may go a long way in helping you on your journey.

Another thing that may be causing this type of problem is heating things up in plastic. There are certain chemicals that are released from plastic whenever things are heated in the microwave or otherwise. These chemicals get into the food and can cause an imbalance as well in your body which could make you grow breasts to some degree. It is much better to stay away from the microwave altogether but if you must use it in order to heat food then try heating in glass or another microwave safe material.

One more word of advice that I can give you is to not only watch the type of foods that you are eating but the amount that you are eating as well. Male breasts come from a lot of different things but you certainly don’t want to accentuate the problem by adding additional body fat on yourself. Try to keep yourself as trim and fit as possible and if you are still dealing with the problem then talk to your doctor to see if there may be an underlying cause as to why your chest is growing. Since this condition is the last thing that any man would want to have to deal with, do what it takes to make sure that it is not a problem for you.